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BETA is the authorised City Organizer of PechaKucha Night Penang, where all creative designers, photographers and architects come together for an evening of inspirational sharing. The copyrighted format uses strictly 20 images and run at 20 seconds each.Follow our facebook to look out for the next Volume.Breaking the creative silos has been inspiring for us, opening our mindsets as designers.

VOLUME 10 on 20 July 2020
First Online Event During Pandemic

VOLUME 11 on 16 Oct 2020
World Architecture Day Special Edition

VOLUME 12 on 20 Feb 2021 | Hour 3:05
International PechaKucha Day

VOLUME 13 on 31 July 2021
Global Copyrighted Online Talk Series

VOLUME 14 on 30 Oct 2021
World Architecture Day Special Edition

VOLUME 15 on 19 Feb 2022 | Hour 4:48
International PechaKucha Day

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