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BETA worked tirelessly on this project throughout the pandemic of 2 years. Bombarded with the challenges of Work-From-Home to disrupted supply chain of building materials, the project finally is complete! The milestone project was officiated by Penang's Chief Minister YAB Tuan Chow Kon Yeow on 8 July 2022, to an overwhelming response from public.

One of the significant concepts we designed for Penang Hill Gallery @ Edgecliff is the one-way circulation for visitors. This simple yet crucial strategy helps easy wayfinding and ensures higher visual imageability.

Working closely with the Penang Hill Corporation, four major gallery themes were identified to be weaved into this one-way circulation of sequential experience: Biodiversity, Heritage, Funicular Train and Cultural Gallery. The arrival lobby, which was coined “Time Tunnel Gallery”, was deliberately designed as a dark tunnel-like linear space to reset sensory perception and mute out outdoor distractions. The four major galleries were subtly choreographed in such a way that visitors experience them with senses heightened through interior moods that toggle between dim to bright and dark to ultra-bright. This is key to breaking the monotony of a homogeneous interior colour palette in a small gallery.

To maximise surface display areas, every possible interior surface and nook such as ceilings, walls, doors and railings was utilised as exhibit panels. Multiple interactive exhibits ranging from electronic touch-screen counters, moving train models, flip-flop pivoted pictorial panels and artefacts were weaved into the experience to keep visitors engaged. Customised stamping stations have also been randomly planted at every gallery to encourage search-and-hunt play among children and adults. They act as a pit-stop nodes for visitors to mindfully pause and reflect on their visual experiences. At the end of the journey, visitors get to bring home a collection of uniquely designed passport stamps embossed on their gallery flyers.

Visit today, and let us know what you think?

Edgecliff's unique location on Penang HIll

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